O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Hello friends! We hope this post finds you well, wherever you are!

Patrick and I have something really exciting we’d like to share with y’all!


Anyways! We have been working really hard on a special project…  our first musical collaboration as a married couple! It’s something that we are both really proud of and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it! We’ve been working on a few Christmas songs with plans to release one a week (hopefully) starting today! The first song we are releasing is O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

Now available on iTunes!

Now available on iTunes!

It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time because of it’s passion and sincerity. It’s a song that has always filled me with joy despite it’s melancholy tone, because it declares Hope that overcomes desperation. It declares Love that came to rescue.

Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, God with us. He came and He’s coming back so REJOICE!

If you, like me, are interested in the history of the song please check out this post, The Story of “O Come O Come Emmanuel” by Dr. Jeff Sanders. It’s a really great read.


P.S. It would mean so much if you purchased this song! And if you love it, it would mean even more if you told your friends & family about it!


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