O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Hello friends! We hope this post finds you well, wherever you are!

Patrick and I have something really exciting we’d like to share with y’all!


Anyways! We have been working really hard on a special project…  our first musical collaboration as a married couple! It’s something that we are both really proud of and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it! We’ve been working on a few Christmas songs with plans to release one a week (hopefully) starting today! The first song we are releasing is O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

Now available on iTunes!

Now available on iTunes!

It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time because of it’s passion and sincerity. It’s a song that has always filled me with joy despite it’s melancholy tone, because it declares Hope that overcomes desperation. It declares Love that came to rescue.

Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, God with us. He came and He’s coming back so REJOICE!

If you, like me, are interested in the history of the song please check out this post, The Story of “O Come O Come Emmanuel” by Dr. Jeff Sanders. It’s a really great read.


P.S. It would mean so much if you purchased this song! And if you love it, it would mean even more if you told your friends & family about it!




Well, Pat & I have officially begun our journey in Tennessee! Yay!

People have asked, “What are you doing in Tennessee?”, assuming that we probably have jobs and other important things figured out. But we don’t (YOLO). We came out here to get involved with a church that we knew of through a mutual friend that happened to be a pastor there.

That probably sounds strange right? But, I guess I should rewind a bit; back to when we got engaged in Australia…


The Proposal- 3/30/13 ☝

We were engaged in March and returned to the states in July, with plans to marry in October. In those four months we had begun talking to this pastor, our friend, Ebo, in Knoxville about his church. He was really excited about what God was doing there and had mentioned that they really needed a worship leader. Well, that’s what I had been studying this whole year in Australia! He and Pat had also talked about working together with youth and college ministry, which is what his position was at this church. So, he said “let’s stay in touch and you guys can come out and check the church out when you’re back in the states and we’ll just see what God does.” No expectations.

Well, we prayed (a lot) and looked at other options (a bit) on where else we could live. I didn’t really feel called back to California and Patrick didn’t feel led back to Georgia. We did feel like this door was open in Tennessee and we figured, why not? We had six months until our wedding to figure out the logistics like where we could live and where we could work.

Fast forward to September- we’re both in Georgia with only three and a half weeks to go until the wedding. Well, we had done a lot of online job-searching and apartment hunting and ending up finding nothing. With absolutely no idea what we’re going to do or where we’re going to live, I start to freak out and become completely discouraged about the idea of Knoxville. I begin to doubt if God is in this or not. So, Patrick gets in contact with Ebo and asks him to let us know if there’s anyone at the church that has a room or guest suite or something available for rent because we can’t get into an apartment until we have jobs. Ebo announces in church that we’d be coming up and needed somewhere to stay. Right after the first service the most friendly, hospitable couple I’ve ever met tells Ebo that they would open up there home to us for three-six months. Rent-free. Not only is it just a room but a whole entire furnished basement complete with a FULL KITCHEN and its own entrance!

We headed up to Knoxville about a week and a half later to go lead worship at said church and I loved it (Side note: Pat had actually been up a month before and played with another worship leader and knew that this where he wanted to be). The people were friendly and the teaching was so solid. We met with the pastor and he was so welcoming to us and very open to what God could do through us.


A picture of Cade’s Cove. Ebo took us up here when we visited in September. We fell in love.

Waiting to go lead worship for the second service. Being goofy. Normal. 9/29/13

Waiting to go lead worship for the second service. Being goofy. Normal. 9/29/13

All of that brings us to today- day three in Knoxville. We still don’t have anything figured out but that’s okay because we’re working on it and we know that God is with us.

Anything could happen in the next few months so we ask, if you’re reading this or following our journey, that you keep us in your prayers.